About Kevin Carrasco, FA, IAR, CTA


At a very early age of 15 Kevin was given the opportunity to manage, train and lead shift workers. He found it was much better to lead by influence than by any other means since the majority of the employees were old enough to have been his father.

Right out of college he started a trucking company, using his leadership abilities to train and hire truckers.  He also developed the ability to sell as he was also responsible for gaining load contracts which lead to very interesting deals like hauling hazardous chemicals, which he found to be very lucrative. 

Then Kevin began his career in finance through a commercial lending bank in Roswell, NM.  He was able to help turn around the branch which quickly became one of the most profitable branches with the company owned system throughout several states.

In 1999 Kevin began his to focus his attention on the stock market and was quickly recognized as one of the leading advisors with a firm that used to be known as A.G. Edwards & Sons.  This lead him to leave the firm just prior to them selling out during the great consolidation of investment firms of the 2000’s.  He was quickly recruited as a regional manager to lead 9 different states of banks and advisors with those banks.  In additional he was Vice President of the specialty investment division within the firm bring the best of the best products the “Street” had to offer to clients across the country.


Kevin has served on numerous boards, the most recent being:

Natural Womanhood –Kevin has been involved from the very beginning of this organization helping it get started and setting the ground work for a successful future.  The amount of public support has been tremendous.  “It is a pleasure to help out in such important matters” – Kevin Carrasco

San Antonio Family Foundation – is in the business of helping married couples become better spouses and better parents or grandparents.  Kevin and Gail knew that San Antonio would be a better place if they brought this program to the city.  Two years ago they did just that and as the co-founders of the San Antonio Family Foundation they are pleased to say that for the last two years over 50 families have benefited from the work done to improve the way spouses treat each other and the manner in which they deal with their children or grandchildren.